Boardgaming for Life

Play to Win. Play to Learn.


Hello, I am Rigel Berry. I’ve been a gamer for as long as I can remember. I grew up playing main stream board games and video games.

I was fortunate enough to have a mother who also played video games. She and I would play together often. We were big fans of the adventure and RPG style video games like Final Fantasy. Too bad she never could figure out how to breed a gold chocobo.

As to board games, I can remember always pestering my siblings to play Candyland and Chutes and Ladders with me. Looking back, I can see why as these are variations on the standard roll-and-move mechanic. In sixth grade, I lived in a neighborhood with no other kids my age, and I had a cardboard table set up with Monopoly on it. I would play against myself day after day. Although it lacked the social aspect I enjoy out of board games these days, my win percentage was 100%.

I was introduced to European-style board games in the last few years. A friend of the family used to come over for Sunday dinner, and we would play Rummikub, Phase 10, or Skipbo after the meal. After some time, we grew weary of playing the same games each and every week. Googling board games came up with Settlers of Catan, but I was unwilling to pay almost $50 for a game I knew little about. However, I was lucky to pick it up in an after Christmas sale at the mall for 50% off. Ironically, I was the only one who liked the game. I quickly went back to the board game kiosk to see what else I could grab before the sale was over. I managed to pick up Carcassonne and Dominion. These two were a much bigger hit with my tiny gaming group, which then consisted of my wife and my Sunday dinner friend. We still play Dominion fairly often, and I consider it to be my gateway game.

Believing there had to be more gamers in my area, I Googled “Dominion Card Game” along with my city name. I was brought to the website of a local gaming convention that had happened the previous year. Pressing on, I called each of the local sponsors to see if they knew of any local groups that I could get involved with. Thankfully, one of them pointed me in the direction of a well established group in town. I went to their web home and was happy to see that the group was meeting the very next day. I eagerly joined up and showed up to play. Since that night I go to 1 to 3 board game events a week as well as hosting several times a months.

Boardgaming has become more than a hobby for me. It has become the ally of relaxation, conqueror of stress, and the soil of friendship.


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