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This is a wonderful post from another board game blog that speaks of the true meaning of Christmas. The post also illustrates the ability boardgaming has to bring people together and spread joy to all who play.
Merry Christmas, everyone.

The Opinionated Gamers

By Jeffrey D. Allers

“Maybe Christmas,” he thought, “doesn’t come from a store. Maybe Christmas …perhaps…means a little bit more” -How the Grinch Stole Christmas by Dr. Seuss.

The season of giving is upon us again, and so it was that I found myself recently in a scenario repeated around the world millions of times over for millions of other fathers. I was fighting crowds in a department store, looking for last-minute Christmas presents.

Of course, this being Germany, I had to weave through a dozen aisles of boardgames on my way to the die-cast automobile section of the toy department. My sons have enough games to play from my collection, and their wish lists included other kinds of toys, but I couldn’t resist a few moments pause to check for holiday specials. The temptation to look at Christmas from a materialistic point of view is often just too overwhelming.

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Boardgaming – The Gateway to Opportunity

'Thurn and Taxis' (a board game)

Boardgaming. What a unique hobby! There are so many different styles of games out there. Each one presents us with different challenges and unique opportunities. They give us the opportunity to spend time with our friends and family. Boardgaming is also a great way to meet new people and make new friends.

Since you’re reading this, you probably already know about the great variety of board games out on the market. I personally prefer the German based board games and the strategy board game genres. I am drawn to the decisions that are presented in the games. How much to bid? Where to place my pieces? When should I pass? I like developing strategies and trying to respond effectively to what is happening on the board.

More intriguing than the decisions and the mechanics of the games themselves are the people that I play with. I enjoy having the benefit of a large boardgaming group. As a result, I get to play a large variety of games. I also have a sizable pool of gamers to draw from when making sure a game gets to the table.

So, why am I writing this blog?

Boardgaming has had a profound impact on my life. It has given me a wonderful group of people to spend time with. It has changed how I approach various life situations. I plan to keep the focus of the blog on boardgaming, but I also expect to discuss how I’ve applied the lessons learned while at the table to other areas of life. Hence the title, Boardgaming for Life.

I look forward to sharing in our gaming experiences. So, I would love to know – how has playing board games benefited your life?

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